Smells Like Bliss - The Benefits of Aromatherapy

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Candles, Incense, Diffusers oh my…


Aromatherapy can be described as the use of aromatic or scented materials, including essential oils and other scented ingredients for the purpose of improving psychological or physical well-being. Once reserved for health spas and resorts or wellness professionals, aromatherapy has become popular in many households to alleviate conditions ranging from stress and anxiety to headaches and insomnia, or simply to add to home decor and even romance.

Essential oils and fragrance oils are regarded as the most accessible forms of aromatherapy as they can be consumed in various ways. From candles, incense and pure oils to bath foams, bath bombs and even jewellery, all make up the many ways individuals have adopted to relieve their stress and maintain mental wellness and balance. 

Over the last decade, we have consciously changed our lifestyles to include more holistic forms of mental health treatment, not simply medical. Out of this movement, the term “self-care” was coined as a relatable axiom and it serves as both a description of a course of care and as a call to action. Self-care takes many forms and is not limited to therapy of any kind. Instead it really speaks to the autonomy of knowing what is best for you and focuses on deliberate actions or thoughts, for the sole purpose of bringing fulfillment, happiness and balance to the individual. 

For Farley Hill Heritage, a key mission of ours is to normalize a daily ritual of wellness and mindfulness, instead of merely viewing self-care as triage of a cumulation of stress or stressful situations. So we launched a brand and formulated products with an emphasis on wellness. In fact, each product was crafted with careful thought on how users will interact with it and the overall benefits they stand to gain. This is why we launched our lifestyle brand with candles first: the easiest product to integrate into your lifestyle providing the fastest effective impact on improving your wellness. By simply lighting one of our candles, we hope to instill in you a desire to embark on a journey with us to attain a higher state of self-care and wellness.

Scents are transformative. They can uplift you and transport you to an imaginary place or be the perfect reminder of a past loving moment or place. “Vibe enhancers” as we have named our slow burning soy wax candles, immediately act as the perfect conduit to a peaceful place. They are the perfect accompaniment to a cozy bath, a moment of afterwork detente, or even while working at home or from your remote location.  

Covid-19 has provoked us to rethink our real life priorities and made us redefine what's important and what's not. Among the top issues on that list of priorities is mental wellness which, for many of us,  is increasingly threatened as our homes, our safe havens, have transformed into pseudo-office hubs. Not being able to “tune out”  as we once did, means that we now need a deliberate and focused strategy to achieve a healthy balance and maintain our mental wellness. As we gradually release our full range of products, we will continue to be led by the same energy and dedication to support you in your quest for a little more self-care and wellness in every part of your day and in your lifestyle.

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