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Establishing the "6 steps to Bliss in Life"  was a process which took over 15 years of my life to understand and appreciate. While I wouldn't consider myself a life coach, I have always been passionate about understanding how we can live our best lives, realize our true potential and maintain a strong connection with our virtues, the planet and our own spirituality. 

 Farley Hill Heritage is a place where you can disconnect from the chaos and the noise and surround yourself with bliss. Remember our ‘6 Steps to Bliss in Life’ aren’t rules but concepts that will help you manage your journey to simplified happiness. Each step represents a pathway which offers lessons and enlightenment whether you became devoted to them all or just those which resonate with you.

This is where bliss resides.

6 Steps to Bliss In Life

Keep It Simple 


Whether you’re an over-thinker, overachiever, over-planner or just plain overwhelmed it might be a good time you start to consider the above concept. Oftentimes we can further complicate our lives by applying highly complex thoughts, worries or responsibilities to our situations in the hopes that we reach an ultimate level of acceptance, preparedness or success, we even create complete narratives that aren't always accurate. Many times the bliss lives in the simple answers and happiness can be found in the easy decision or direct approach. A deeper look at this concept also makes it a great one to apply to your entire existence, the more you commit mentally, emotionally, socially and professionally the greater your responsibilities will be, triggering many of the stressors we hope to live without, so learning to be concise about your wants and needs is beneficial.

 Treat Your Body like it’s a temple. 

 Physical self-care is essential to wellness but this isn’t just related to eating the right things or getting more exercise. While both are vital parts of living healthy and happily they aren't limited to just the two. Getting enough sleep, even laying in a bath does wonders for our bodies and minds. No matter what they look like or how they function, the body is the greatest instrument we’ll ever use. Resilient beyond our own comprehension, infinitely exotic and powerful, we owe it ourselves and to our longevity to treat the body like a sacred vessel by offering moments of healing, cleansing and rejuvenation and nutritious sustenance. 

Affirm the Positive

 We have all heard before that words have power and this is especially true when we consider the words we tell ourselves. The mind is a very easily influenced device and at times far too easily influenced by the negative feeds and news which surrounds us. It’s my belief that we should be the light we want to see in the world, both through our actions and in our speech - and we should do it for ourselves and those who we have the ability to impact. Thinking and speaking positively is an integral component of the Farley Hill mindset and a cornerstone in psychological self-care. Through positive thinking and positive speech we can influence our own perception of things and help others change how they view challenges that will arise and the narratives they speak to themselves. By manifesting positive affirmations it allows us to focus on the good we want to achieve over the negative that might distract us or that we experience in the short term.

Take It Easy 

There’s a local saying in Barbados that goes, “taking your time isn’t laziness”, and to Farley Hill Heritage this one has a multi-directional value. Always being on the go or 'plugged in' often impairs our ability to make solid connections with ourselves (whether it be wants, needs and passions) with others (either for intimacy, friendships and networking) as well as with nature (like connections to the earth, our virtues and our spirituality). Therefore taking it easy can be seen as slowing down however there is another way of viewing this. It can also be viewed from the perspective of being more thoughtful of the time it takes to nurture anything we see as valuable or the deliberate slowing of self in order to let things be as they are.

 Invest in your Passions

 Similar to how we view material possessions as integral to happiness, a life filled with things you're passionate about is indicative of living your bliss. Even if you are passionate about the thing you do for a living, humans are complicated and nuanced so naturally we require various levels of fulfillment to truly be happy, well beyond what we do for a living or get paid to do. That’s why it’s important to make time for the things you're passionate about, that you have likely been putting off. To invest daily in our passions balances the things we are responsible for and require for survival with what we desire for our greater well-being, giving us a better sense of motivation to set about the tasks necessary and increased accomplishment when they are obtained. 

Keep an open Mind
/ Let it go


Cliches can be a bit simplistic but if there’s one we should always remember it would be ‘expect the unexpected’. Life doesn’t offer us a playbook of what’s coming or even how to deal with it, for all of us it’s unscripted. Actively being open minded is one of the best skills a person could develop and allows them to remain highly adaptable beings. An open mind also helps us to remain hopeful when we acknowledge that the way things begin isn’t always how they might end but it also means that we have better chances of truly connecting with others and less likely to be judgemental. It allows us to seek and acknowledge other perspectives and keeps our brains in a learning state.

Linked to keeping an open mind, would be learning to let things go. At times this is a really hard concept to fully implement as our brains really never forget anything it encounters especially things that it may have been confronted by. Letting it go gives us freedom from the torment we inflict on ourselves when we hold nostalgia that an outcome could be different. It’s not the easiest concept to administer and is one of those things that you have to understand that you must do, mainly for yourself. Of course it doesn’t mean marginalizing feelings integral to your peace-of-mind or survival but it speaks to not needing to control everything and begs you to consider being happy just with what is. 


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