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Check-in to island time - Laid-back Island Wellness

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Our blog, Farley Hill Culture, invites readers to “check-in to island time” and to make time for some self-care as part of their daily ritual. It is dedicated to encouraging readers to slow down and take a moment of mindfulness for themselves, whether it's a health care therapy or treatment, a soak in the tub, a few deep breaths or some meditation, striving to live the present without dwelling on a past we cannot change nor on a future we cannot predict.

Inspired by the Bajan (Barbadian) and Caribbean lifestyles, the objective is to harness the benefits of what millions of visitors travel to experience. Beyond the beach and the exotic cuisine - people spend little fortunes chasing it, even if only for a short time : “Me time” - a time to relax and to rejuvenate. In an increasingly demanding world with crazy schedules and impossible expectations, more and more people are realising that unless they make a conscious effort to slow the clock down, the pressure is suffocating.

So we have made it our mission to “bottle” that message through thoughtfully crafted products, as well as a carefully curated blog. Using our products, we want you to relax and to give yourself permission and time to experience or to reminisce about a range of island cultures, traditions and landscapes and breathe in the ambiance of the Caribbean islands.

In sharing our vision, as well as Farley Hill's perfumer's personal life stories and experiences growing up in Barbados and travelling through the Caribbean, we present an authentic narrative that exemplifies the hashtag #ilivewhereyouvacation.

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