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About Farley Hill

Created by Anthony Best, a native Barbadian now living in Canada, Farley Hill Heritage Spa is an online wellness website created for the purpose of connecting individuals with information, techniques and products that support a mindful wellness lifestyle. Inspired by the serenity, pace and ease of island living the hopes for this venture is to provide individuals with more incentives to incorporate self-care in their daily routines for the purpose of fulfillment and lasting happiness. 


Using life experiences and learnings from his personal journey to finding lasting happiness, Farley Hill Heritage channels these teachings through mantras and messages, images and the products that have been created by Anthony to provide a holistic experience. All to benefit those moving far too fast to keep up with the expectations of others or the decisions which weren't made from their most authentic place. 

The success of this would mean that Farley hill is able to help people around the world, observe the importance of resolving mental obstacles which at times might lead us away from our passions and our organic ideals of what bliss and fulfillment might be.