Creating products with care

Our At Home Treatments

A visit to the spa is enjoyable and highly rewarding yet we wanted to ensure that our wellness and self-care treatments are accessible to everyone, whether or not you enjoyed occasional visits to the wellness spa. Of course, we also wanted to create products what were as luxurious as those you'd find there, since we understand that self-care is integral to your wellness and isn't a luxury reserved for those who can afford it, we created products that turn your home into your place of serenity, relaxation and pampering. 

The Products

In Barbados and the Caribbean there is a  rich culture, one which is steeped in traditions which surround the use of natural remedies, whether it is to aid in administering wellness or healing of ailments which as spanned generations. Often passed down from one generation to another, we still see people today relying on time honoured traditions to assist in restoring one's health. 

Farley Hill is proud to offer thoughtfully hand-crafted products derived from some of these ingredients and which are gentle on the environment and to your skin. Our products have been formulated so that those who use them can also enjoy aroma therapy, exemplary moisture, exfoliation or nourishment inspired by the Caribbean.   

Our intent is also to keep our products simple while being highly effective. Natural clays, salts and exfoliants, botanicals and other natural ingredients which have been proven to have wellness benefits and reward you with rejuvenation of the skin are our main focus. Candles and soaps are made using sustainable materials as well as reusable packing to ensure that waste is to a minimum while you enjoy  each creation. 

The real value of each treatment comes when our products interacts with your self-care designated time. Creating a moment where you are able to reconnect with yourself and realign with your inner most desires and passions.