Our Philosophy

 Our Philosophy 
Farley Hill Heritage exists to help people be intentional about bringing balance and mindfulness in their lives daily. Whether through a bath in the middle or at the end of the day, or while you enjoy the fragrance of your favourite candle sipping on a cup of tea, our company was started to acknowledge that we are more than our accomplishments and that living the pursuit of bliss is really what life was about. 
Thinking about what we wanted this business and our work to stand for it was quickly quite obvious that it couldn't be summed up in a blurb. To different people we would serve a different a purpose, so our philosophy would be best presented in what we call our #blissbeliefs and are outlined as small actionable that offer major personal benefits and that can help anyone achieve noticeable balance and happiness. 
Like any other source for personal growth through wellness, our steps are not "rules to live by", instead they are concepts that allow anyone the chance to refocus and connect with whatever is most meaningful to your happiness and might necessary to feel fulfilled and connected to your true purpose - consider them as pathways each with specific lessons and rewards. 

Our Bliss Beliefs

We highly recommend that for a more fulfilling life you should try to; 
Treat your body like it's a temple
Practice positive affirmation
Invest in your passions
Take it Easy (Keep it simple)
Be kind
Keep an open mind (Let things go)
Appreciate the value of perspective 
Whether practiced in conjunction with each other or you try one at a time, our steps are in place as a reminder of the promise we are making to our customers as well as daily mantras that will enrich the lives of any person crazy enough to take them on. 
We are Farley Hill Heritage
Where Bliss Resides