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Our Philosophy

 Our Philosophy 
Farley Hill Heritage exists to help people understand how to find and incorporate balance and mindfulness in their lives daily. Whether it's through a bath in the middle of the day, or as you enjoy a candle as you sip a cup of tea, I wanted to start a brand that acknowledged that human beings are more than our accomplishments and that living your bliss was really what life was about. 
When I was thinking about this business and what I wanted it to stand for, I didn't think that I couldn't just sum it up in a blurb. To me our philosophy is best presented in what I have outlined as the 6 steps to blissful living, and are outlined as small actionable routines that offer major personal benefits.
Like any other source of healing, balance and mindfulness our steps are not rules to live by, instead they are concepts that allow everyone the chance to refocus and connect with whatever is most meaningful to your mental (wholesome) wellness. Consider them as pathways each with specific lessons and rewards. 

6 steps to blissful Living

Keep it Simple
Treat your body like it's a temple
Affirm the positive
Take it easy
Invest in your passions
Keep an open mind / Let it go
Whether practiced in conjunction with each other or in isolation, our steps are in place as a reminder of the promise we are making to our customers/patrons as well as daily mantras that will enrich the lives of any person brave enough to take them on. 
We are Farley Hill Heritage
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