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At no point while trying to remedy my homesickness during the pandemic by making candles, did I think that I would discover a passion for bringing people wellness and bliss; reignite my sense of purpose; or follow my heart into the insane world of entrepreneurship but that’s exactly what happened. Now, two years later Farley Hill Heritage Spa Inc. is a company motivating you to indulge in our wellness world all in the name of finding lasting fulfillment and bliss and it all started with honouring my own heritage.

It was around the time that the world was grappled by covid19 and I was really trying to get away from the daily grind for some introspection and relaxation. I was feeling stuck in a rut and less fulfilled in life than I initially realized. Having great hopes of doing some soul searching with a cocktail in one hand and my beach towel in the other in my sunny island home, Barbados, we would all come to find out covid19 had different plans for us and escaping it was not going to be one of them. 

As flights grounded and airports closed, homesickness started kicking my ass and I began to feel fairly depressed. Of course I was grateful for my health but now with all this time on my hands I started to realize not only was I missing Barbados the place, I was also missing the remedy of it. Island time has a way of placing you exactly where you need to be both mentally and literally, the laid-back pace of Barbados gives you the chance to stop chasing time and offers the opportunity to do more with it. It offers healthy isolation, clean air and an abundance of natural resources, the perfect environment for anyone to find their centre and dive into themselves to experience bliss from within. 

Though relatively tiny, it’s a majestic paradise that possesses more than its fair share of stunning natural wonders, charm and sense of utopia. From the dramatic weathered eastern coastline with white-capped Atlantic waves which collide with the jagged shoreline, to the persistent yet warm breeze that caresses your face and sways the shoreline coconut trees, the treasures that await you on this postcard perfect piece of paradise were what I desperately craved as the world came to a standstill. 

Finally accepting that there was no way I'd be seeing home anytime soon, I started to imagine the things I was homesick for and how they linked to finding fulfillment. In Barbados, even a drive along the countryside can do wonders for your soul as the fresh island air emits a clear aura, sometimes sweet with ripe fruit or salty with the ocean spray. The more I assembled vivid elements that felt much too real, I started to think, “I wish I could get this in a bottle” to satiate my cravings by the dose. Meanwhile somewhere deep in my mind, these ideas were becoming the building blocks of a company.

The more I imagined the serenity, luxury and necessity it is to be able to travel to such an exquisite place, it was obvious that even without the trip I needed to give myself permission to be mentally “out of office”. It can be easy to overlook the importance of a proper wellness routine because it can appear indulgent and unproductive when you’re used to always being on the go. What I wanted for myself was the motivation and tools to be intentional about wellness without leaving the house, in a way it would be ‘island time on demand’ and something I could use to reconnect with my passion and my purpose that felt luxurious, nostalgic and comforting.

This inspiration became the elements I went about making my first candle, Tropical Vibes and slowly an entire spa and personal care collection. I wanted each one to  encompass specific elements that weren’t just authentic to island life but essential for anyone needing wellness. I wanted it to feel exquisite and be practical and to respect and be in synergy with nature, so everyone could benefit. 

Today I am incredibly passionate about creating a company not just for the purpose of pampering you but to give you the incentives and the means to slow down and take stock of where you are in life. I believe that like myself, people can make decisions for one reason and often aren’t able to slow down in order to consider the next. Being able to help people achieve this on a daily basis, is why Farley Hill exists and as I continue to find and follow my passion I hope to help and inspire you to live yours!

- Anthony Best, founder & CEO.

island time on demand

Where Bliss Resides

It's impressive what magic can be discovered on such a small island. Yet you won't just find the magic of Barbados, you will definitely find the wonder in yourself.