Island Inspired Wellness

One thing I can tell you about Barbados is that beyond the obvious beauty of the island aesthetic, it's renowned as a favourite destination for people seeking a reset, rest and relaxation. Of course its stunning beauty and favourable climate, play a huge part in why it's adored but once there, you realize that the people have a laid-back approach to life, that relies on an appreciation for their surroundings and they possess an overall sense of gratitude for everything they have, whether large or small. 

This is the inspiration behind Farley Hill Heritage self-care. After moving to Canada in 2010 to make a better life founder and CEO Anthony Best started to realize that ambition, while an essential trait for anyone seeking success, isn't the only important tool you need in your arsenal to achieve your goals. You also need to maintain clear and constant and honest communication with yourself and the best way to do this is through wellness and self-care.


What is wellness?

Wellness is an active process which speaks to one increasing their awareness while making purposeful choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is in fact multidimensional and other than physical can also include, spiritual, environmental, occupational and emotional wellness. 


What is self-care?

Self care is the conscious wellness management practice administered by individuals (to themselves) and without the aid of a medical professional for the purpose of improving one’s overall mental and physical health. 


Why do we need it?

Self-care allows us to foster and maintain a healthy and necessary relationship with ourselves which in turn allows us to truly live our best lives. It gives us opportunities to better understand our physical, mental and social paradigms and is beneficial for all individuals when seeking fulfillment, career success or those just hoping to live well.


What are some types of self-care?

Self-care is a very multidimensional concept. As it often pertains to one’s mental wellness in conjunction with lifestyle balance it is able to encompass many sub-sects, internal and external that may play a part in an individual's ability to thrive and in their overall quality of life. Now, there is overlap when it comes to defining the types of self-care. Whether psychological or physical, if a key benefit of self-care is mental wellness then it’s easy to understand that a journey to wellness isn’t as hard as it might seem. 

The ones that we often have to deal with are physical, emotional, professional and psychological. Social-self care is also something that we are often forced to undergo but in any case, as with anything our paths will likely be different and it’s really just about knowing what tools exist that will help.