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There is no product more miraculous than Aloeluya Skin Recovery Gel. Formulated with a trio of super moisture rich botanical extracts it's one of the products created to serve a wide cross-section of individuals for a variety of purposes. 

Aloeluya combines pure aloe vera gel, cucumber peel extract and green tea extract to super-charge skin with moisture to soothe redness and minimize bruises, to calm extreme sun or cold exposure and to balance skin after harsh treatments like masks or shaving.

Use (As a Mask); Once skin has been properly cleanse apply liberally, covering face and neck; cover face with warm towel or use gentle steam until skin is supple and saturated. Then, rise with cold water and pat dry. Follow up with a face oil or SPF moisturizer. 

Use (Moisture boost); Apply directly to face after cleansing and drying. Simply apply a dime size amount strategically on the face and neck and massage into skin.