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Size 8oz

The Vibe |  Crashing Atlantic waves and rainy days

Enhancer |  Moody / Tranquility / Solitude

The Aroma | Soft island cotton, Vanilla and Cucumber

To capture the aura of this vibe enhancer, it was poured into a tranquil sea foam vessel with subtle iridescence. A moody symphony, it is inspired by waves crashing on a jagged shoreline and clean island cotton, blowing in the Atlantic breezes. Ideal for its clean light fragrance, whether it be for calm mornings or relaxing evenings this blend is even better great when paired with the right moody playlist.

 Vegan (100% Soy Wax)

Level: v4 (Robust fragrance burst)

Setting the Vibe

  • Place candle in a safe place out of reach of children.
  • Ignite and allow to burn 30 mins for the fragrance to diffuse into the space
  • Do not allow to burn for more than 2 hours and do not leave unattended.
  • Cover candle when out to maintain the potency of the fragrance. 
  • 13 oz Candles = 60 hours.

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