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Farley Hill Heritage




The Vibe |  An energizing Caribbean escape

Enhancer |  Daytime / Uplifting / Social

The Aroma | A sweet mix of ripe tropical fruits

Created to micmic an exotic tropical escape and poured into a white vessel with sunset hued iridescence to capture the 'open-air' aura, you will definitely enjoy the luscious fragrance of TROPICAL VIBES. Be seduced by tropical fruits like coconut, mango and citrus and be transported to your favourite beach, on your favourite island.

100% Vegan

Level: v5 (Max fragrance burst)

Setting The Vibe
  • Place candle in a safe place out of reach of children.
  • Ignite and allow to burn 30 mins for the fragrance to diffuse into the space.
  • Do not allow to burn for more than 4 hours and do not leave unattended.
  • Cover candle when out to maintain the potency of the fragrance. 
  • 12 oz = 40 + hours